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Zeitgeist Season Three - an Update

Published 2022-10-10 by Sina Habibian

We're excited to kickoff Zeitgeist season three with ten teams coming together, building crypto-native products/protocols across the infrastructure and the application layer:

  • David, Spencer, and Nick are building Hats Protocol - a protocol empowering DAOs to delegate revocable roles, responsibilities, and authorities to their contributors.
  • Adrian is building BlockArt - a protocol for NFT co-creation and issuance.
  • Jacob and Zak are building FirstMate - a platform that gets NFT projects their own custom secondary marketplaces on their own terms.
  • Nitya, Norwood, and Cody are building Capsule - transaction signing infrastructure for wallets/applications powered by MPC.
  • Jonas and Oskar are building Empiric - a verifiable computation and data layer for Zk-rollups.
  • Catherine and Kei are building MintKudos - a product for giving NFTs for life’s achievements.
  • GVN, ARB, and Rasmus are working on Moving Castles’ first on-chain game - a tragicomic NPC survival sim.
  • Ben is building Spec - infrastructure that embeds live web3 data directly into your Postgres database.
  • Christian, Re’em, and Mattias are building Component/Blueprint — a transparent, customizable, and collaborative research platform for DeFi.
  • Akshay, Chetan, and Andrew are building ACA Labs - a trust & safety verification standard for Web3.

And a Devcon update 🇨🇴:

We've had our working session in Bogota over the last days. We will be here through Devcon and would love to meet with other builders/collaborators -- ping ZG or any of the teams directly to connect with us.

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