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The Zeitgeist Season Two Expo

Published 2022-05-25 by Sina Habibian

If you’re an engineer, designer, or operator who’d like to learn about and/or contribute to Zeitgeist season two teams — consider getting in touch to join for our closing expo on June 1! airtable.com/shr4dgrnBhGuR0uB3

Zeitgeist season two is coming to a close. We’ve spent the last weeks building together with a talented/thoughtful group of people:

  • Mark and Daniel are building Quixotic - an onchain NFT marketplace on Optimism + an L1/L2 NFT bridge.
  • StephenAyush, and Mehran are building Castle - a smart wallet that provides multi-factor auth for individuals/groups without compromising on UX.
  • Joey and Rapha are building Backdrop - a platform to help people launch and grow community-owned projects.
  • Ronan is building Conquest - a fully permissionless, persistent and interoperable onchain game.
  • Brenner is building the Metagame - infrastructure for earned NFTs based on onchain/offchain activity.
  • PeterMatt, and Amit are building Yuzu - a protocol for creating composable derivatives and structured products.
  • Jake and Regy are building Hook - a protocol for creating NFT-backed derivatives, starting with covered call options.
  • RaymondJoel, and David are building Canvas - a zero-fee P2P backend for web3 applications.

To mark the end of season two, we’re hosting an informal expo on June 1st 9-10am PT on Gather.

We’re using this occasion to bring together a small group of engineers, designers, and operators who are interested in learning about and/or contributing to season two teams as they move forward.

We will share light materials in advance of the event — including a short Notion doc and Loom demo by each team which outlines their project in more detail, and also shares where they’re looking for collaborators/contributors.

New Gather space for the expo is under construction 👷
New Gather space for the expo is under construction 👷

These will be shared async before the expo. The event itself will not include any presentations and will instead be focused on small group conversations and meeting each other.

Given the conversational focus of the event - we will be bringing together a rather small group (this is partially enforced by the physics of the virtual Gather space 🤓). Please fill out the form here to let us know you’d like to participate — we will be extending invites on a rolling basis, ending on Sunday (May 29): https://airtable.com/shr4dgrnBhGuR0uB3

Lastly, we will follow up after the event to help facilitate double opt-in intro’s between expo attendees and teams. We hope that the conversations here form the basis of longer term relationships.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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