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Zeitgeist - an Update

Published 2021-11-15 by Sina Habibian

We're about three weeks into Zeitgeist - a small group of early-stage teams working on crypto-native products/protocols who have come together to do a sprint until the end of the year.

We'd like to take a moment and share an update on our journey with you.

Communities grow to become what they are based on the people involved. And so we're grateful to have 10 uniquely thoughtful and talented teams coming together:

  • Abram and Will are building Splits - a protocol for trustlessly sharing income streams.
  • Harsh and David are building HackerDAO - a school that takes in senior Web2 talent and trains them for Web3.
  • Tarun is building Aikido - a product for managing bounties, the atomic unit of work in open communities.
  • Tracheopetryx, Zach, and Zemm are building Coordinape - a protocol for decentralized compensation.
  • Shreyas and Austin are building Llama - economic infrastructure for DAOs.
  • Gail and Carlos are building Metaphor - a tool for unlocking participation in DAOs.
  • Jason and Nikita are building Dosu - a pseudonymous social network.
  • Faraaz and Jonny are doing a series of product drops, starting with squidarena.com
  • Wei Jie is working on a cross-chain bridge architecture using ZKPs.
  • David, Matt, and Vignesh are building Sound.xyz - a platform to help artists make a living off their music.

Our intention has been to create an environment where teams can be open with the real obstacles they're navigating. Questions like "how do we strike a balance between immutability & upgradability", "how do we structure our entities and DAO", "how do we think about security audits" have come up. We've been having weekly syncs, hosting discussions with experienced builders/operators, and experimenting with the form factor to unlock what's possible here.

We're excited by what has emerged in these early days - with people like 0age generously giving feedback on technical questions, and Bethany sharing her perspective on community building.

We plan to begin sharing learnings where they might be helpful for the wider community. You can follow Zeitgeist on Twitter (@zeitgeist_xyz) and subscribe to this newsletter for updates on this front.

Reach out

If you'd like to help with Zeitgeist and the teams participating in the sprint - whether you're an engineer, designer, lawyer, community builder, or simply have an idea you'd like to share - please send a note to hi@zeitgeist.xyz. We'd love to hear from you.


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